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Datton has been operating in the technology sector for 15 years.  Originally a software development company, Datton has created, marketed, sold and serviced enterprise applications internationally. 


Datton first got involved with Bitcoin in 2009 and operated some of the earliest asic miners available.  Since then, Datton has built and sold mining operations, facilitated OTC transactions, traded various currencies and currently sit as advisers to multiple ICO's (http://letoken.org/resource/LEBWhitePaper.pdf) and now is focusing on providing turnkey solutions to the crypto currency industry.

Datton is an operating division of the Trestle Group.

Easier Than Typical OTC Transactions

Anyone who has dealt in Bitcoin OTC transactions has undoubtedly experienced a myriad of difficulties and processes to complete what should be a simple process.  Datton offers liquidation service to parties who want to acquire FIAT currency for their Bitcoin without having to use an exchange.  This is preferred by many as exchanges can often be problematic when trying to withdraw and receive large amounts via wire to traditional financial institutions. 

Our Process

Once you are on boarded as a client with Datton, liquidating your BTC is simple.


Step 1 – let us know how much BTC you would like to liquidate.  We will then send you a Purchase Order for your BTC.


Step 2 – once the purchase order is sent, you will have 10 minutes to execute the purchase order before it expires.


Step 3 – send the BTC in accordance with the purchase order.


Step 4 – a wire in FIAT currency will be sent to your bank account the same day.


It’s that simple!

Bringing Utility To Your Bitcoin

Goods & Service Providers

Many goods and service providers do not want to accept Bitcoin for various reasons.  However, the most common reason is the risk it poses due to price volatility.  If the price of Bitcoin fluctuates during the time they hold the Bitcoin received from their customers, profit margins can be seriously eroded.

Datton can solve the common problems and challenges for any company who wants to be able to accept Bitcoin from their customers.  We eliminate all the risk of price volatility along with the traditional banking complications.  Datton will facilitate the receiving of Bitcoin from your customers based on the purchase they are making.  Datton will then deposit funds into the Sellers account in FIAT currency for the exact amount of the sale.

People Who Wish To Purchase With Bitcoin

Finding utility for Bitcoin holders is not just as simple as liquidating Bitcoin and then using the proceeds for various purchases.  In some cases getting money wired to bank accounts poses problems, or declaring large amounts of money from Bitcoin sales can be problematic, especially for people who intend not to bring their Bitcoin wealth into a particular country. 

Datton offers a solution to help bring utility to Bitcoin holders.  For example in the case of Bitlease (a Datton company), a car buyer who wishes to pay in Bitcoin can go to a dealership and go through a typical car buying process.  However, when it comes time for payment, the purchaser will pay Datton in Bitcoin and Datton will pay the car dealer in FIAT currency.  It’s that simple.

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